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Food Safety Consults

I have worked in numerous countries across the globe setting up policies, regulations and HACCP for manufacturing, and reviewing government and industry documents, e.g., Health Canada and USFDA; making country recommendations through the World Bank.

Expert Witness

During my career but mostly since leaving the Canadian government and entering academia, I have been expert witness in 37 cases in both the U.S. and Canada where foodborne illness has occurred  with 27 of the cases on behalf of the plaintiff and 7 as defendant (3 were as an expert for the Canadian government); most cases were settled out of court, 6 with an unknown decision, and one still in process (all but two in favor of the side with E. Todd as expert witness); one case I survived a Daubert judgment as an expert witness in an appeal and the case was settled. The agents involved have been with persons suffering from E. coli O157:H7 (12), Salmonella (4), Campylobacter (3), Shigella (1), Bacillus cereus (1), Vibrio vulnificus (1), ciguatera fish poisoning (1), yeast (1), extraneous matter (2), allergens (2), miscellaneous and unknown agents (9).


Case details on request

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