Food Safety Consults

I have worked in numerous countries across the globe setting up policies, regulations and HACCP for manufacturing, and reviewing government and industry documents, e.g., Health Canada and USFDA; making country recommendations throught the World Bank. 

Expert Witness 

During my career but mostly since leaving the Canadian government and entering academia, I have been expert witness in 25 cases in both the U.S. and Canada where foodborne illness has occurred  with 22 of the cases on behalf of the plaintif;  15 cases settled in favor of the plaintiff, and one settled for the defendant, 6 with an inknown decision,  and three still in process (all but one in favor of the side with E. Todd as expert witness), and one case I survived a Daubert judgment as an expert witness in an appeal and the case was settled.The agents involved have been with persons suffering from E. coli O157:H7 (12), Salmonella (4), Campylobacter (3), Shigella (1), ciguatera fish poisoning (1), yeast (1), unknown agents (4). 


Case details on request