What kind of  expert witness cases am I qualified to work on?

Any cases involving food safety but particularly those involving pathogens in a variety of different foods, e.g., Salmonella in sandwiches, Campylobacter in chicken, E. coli in ground beef, ciguatera poison in tropical fish.

Can you give some examples of consulting areas?

Consulting in collaborative studies like norovirus in elder care facillties, Shigella in child care centers, Staphylococcus in cheese, Clostridium botulinum in canned or preserved food and Native American/Inuit fermented food, Listeria monocytogenes in soft cheeses,  standards for poultry, setting up foodborne disease surveillance systems, hydrophobic grid membrane filter systems, food workers, HACCP and GHP systems.

Have you worked in many countries?

China, Cambodia, Japan, United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Europe, Canada, USA.

Do I do any teaching

I have had teaching experience in the University of Glasgow (Assistant lecturer in general and medical microbiology) and Michigan State University where I teach one week on seafood toxins in the on-line Professional MS Program in Food Safety. I also teach two lectures on risk assessment and risk management at the International Short Course on Food Safety.